The Hladký Winery portfolio comprises a varied range of blue and white varieties. We mainly specialise in non-traditional PIWI varieties in harmony with Nature. Such wines taste much more delicious.

Red Wines / Blue Varieties

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Wines of this variety have an attractive ruby colour; the taste is dominated by tones of cherries and sour cherries. At higher degrees of maturity, the wine gains the tones of mature forest fruit. Strong tannins can be observed in the flavour. The variety is late to medium-late, close in type to Saint Laurent.

Parents: Merlan (Merlot x Seibel 13 666) and Fratava (Frankovka x Saint Laurent).


This late Aroma variety of wine slightly approaches Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. Nativa has a delicate, fruity aroma with a bouquet of cherry, sour cherry and spices, and even floral tones. The colour is dark red to ruby. 

Parents: Fratava (Frankovka x Saint Laurent) x Merlan (Merlot x Seibel 13 666).

Cabernet Cortis

Cabernet Cortis is an early variety for the production of red wines. It ripens in the first half of September and is suitable for peripheral winegrowing areas. The wine has a full rich aroma and dark red colour, with high tannins. It is similar to the Cabernet Sauvignon variety regarding the type, but with a more fruity aroma and flavour. The wines are characterised by a spicy flavour and are suitable for longer maturation in barrique or oak barrels.

Parents: Cabernet Sauvignon x Solaris

Cabernet Jura

Dark red color wine. Red berries fruity flavour and taste, similar to Cabernet Sauvignot but more fresh and smooth.

Parents: Cabernet Sauvignon x "unknown".


Wine with deep red color, nearly non-transparent. Full flavour rich in cherry and sour cherries, going to liqueur and chocolate. Easy drinkable wine with lower acid and tannins. Regent is similar to Dornfelder variety.

Parents: Diana x Chambourcin


Rose Wines

Our Wines

Rosé Cuvée Laurot

Rosé wine made from variety Laurot and Sevar. Fresh nose going to  red currant, cranberries and forest strawberry. Stronger acid fills the character of young and dry rose wine.

White Wines / White Varieties

Red Wines


Savilon is reminiscent of the Sauvignon variety for its varied character. The wine of this variety has a distinctive yellow to yellow-green colour and a full floral aroma which gradually turns into a fruity aroma. The taste is long with surprisingly strong acids. High-quality wines are also suitable for long-term archiving. Parents: 

Rakish (SV 12 375 x Veltliner Frührot) and Merlan (Merlot x Seibel 13 666) cross.


Malverina is suitable for the production of young aromatic wines with a floral-fruity aroma and higher acid content, but also for long-term archiving when the taste and aroma harmonise and soften and when the wine obtains its typical cinnamon bouquet. This variety has the same origin as Savilon.

Parents: Rakiš (SV 12 375 x Veltlínske červené ranné) a Merlan (Merlot x Seibel 13 666).


 The quality of varietal wines is very good; they are yellow-green and finely aromatic, having the aroma of flowers, fruit and Muscat. Well balanced taste of fruity and muscat wine with stronger acid. 

Parents: Lakhegyi Mezés x Muscat Moravia

Göcseji Zamatos

A Hungarian variety for the production of white wines. The names Rita or Egri Csillagok34 are also often used. It is suitable for the production of new wines with a distinctive and spicy acidity. The taste and aroma are distinctly similar to Muscat, having a delicate fruity tone.

Parents: Seyve-Villard 12 286 x Medoc Noir.